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We work together for a future free of disease related to diabetes and obesity

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The Center draws upon the expertise of a wide range of investigators with complementary interests in diabetes, obesity, inflammation, lipid metabolism and atherosclerosis. Members of the Center’s faculty conduct both basic research to clarify the mechanisms causing diabetes and obesity and their consequences, and translational research to transform their research findings into clinical solutions.

Disease Information

Two-thirds of the adult U.S. population is overweight and one-half of those individuals – one-third of the adult population – are obese. The prevalence of type 2 diabetes (formerly known as “adult-onset”) has also increased markedly in recent decades not only among adults, but in children as well. Although type 1 diabetes is less common, it is a potentially devastating disorder affecting both children and adults and, while treatments for both types of diabetes exist, neither is curable and effective treatments for obesity have yet to be developed.

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Much of the good we accomplish is made possible by private support: by people and organizations underwriting leading-edge research and providing funding to train promising fellows. With your help, the DOCE is improving lives throughout the Northwest and around the world.

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Latest News and Events

DOCE Director Michael Schwartz, MD, Receives ADA Basic Science Award

Dr. Michael Schwartz has been awarded an American Diabetes Association Basic Science Award for his project “Novel Anti-Diabetic Actions of Hypothalamic FGF19-FGFR1 Signaling.

DOCE Associate Director Karin Bornfeldt, PhD, Awarded 2013 Russell Ross Memorial Lectureship in Vascular Biology

Dr. Karin Bornfeldt, PhD, has been awarded the 2013 Russell Ross Memorial Lectureship in Vascular Biology. The lecture was delivered at the American Heart Association’s Annual Sessions in Dallas on November 19th.

DOCE Director Michael Schwartz, MD, Published in Nature

Dr. Michael Schwartz is first author of a review in Nature, titled “Cooperation between brain and islet in glucose homeostasis and diabetes.

DOCE Researcher Laura den Hartigh, PhD, Receives NIH K01 Award

Dr. Laura den Hartigh has been awarded an NIH K01 to examine the mechanisms by which 10,12CLA confers resistance to diet-induced weight gain in mice.

DOCE Associate Director Karin Bornfeldt, PhD, Receives NIDDK Pilot and Feasibility Award

Dr. Karin Bornfeldt is the recipient of a Pilot and Feasibility award from the NIDDK-sponsored Diabetic Complications Consortium for her project ‘Diabetes and miRNA’.

DOCE Researcher Ian Sweet, PhD, Receives ADA Gail Patrick Innovation Award

Dr. Ian Sweet is the recipient of the 2013 Gail Patrick Innovation Award from the ADA. This award is granted to Innovation award applications to the ADA that receive the highest priority score.

DOCE Researcher Joshua Thaler, MD, PhD, Receives 2013 Fialkow Award

Dr. Joshua Thaler is the 2013 recipient of the Fialkow Award. The Fialkow Award is awarded annually to recognize the outstanding achievements of junior faculty in medicine in research, teaching, clinical work, and academic citizenship.